Green Construction


blue sky and solar panelsOur Custom Modular homes are built in an environmentally controlled factory where they recycle 97% of their materials. This lessens the environmental impact on the land and in your community. They manufacture “Tight” built homes which results in maximum energy efficiency- saving homeowners money and reducing their carbon footprint.

With our “Stick Built Homes” we also have many optional Green Building products to save energy for you and help the environment. You can go as Green as your budget allows!

The orientation and overall footprint of a home is one of the first things to consider when considering efficiency. solar energy metersMinimizing exposure on North and West-facing exterior walls will keep heating and cooling costs down. Another way to save in this area is to simply build a smaller home, which minimizes the amount of volume to heat and cool. Many people are now building smaller, more open-concept homes that don’t feel cramped because of more efficient planning and design in the use of living spaces. These are all factors that we can help our customers with in the planning stage of your new Dogtown Home.

Another important factor in eco-friendly building is the use of renewable sources of materials. Some perfect examples are bamboo, mainly used for durable flooring. It is in abundant supply and re-propagates very quickly. Another would be composite decking such as Timbertech, which has over 50% recycled content.
Heating and Cooling savings are incorporated on two fronts: Insulation of your home, and how efficiently heating and cooling systems operate. We have utilized ultra-high efficiency heat pumps gas condensing boilers with radiant heating to give excellent performance and solar panelssavings. Newer energy code sets minimums for insulation value, but we generally exceed these standards by using closed-cell foam to seal out drafts, in combination with higher R-Value insulation products.

The ultimate electrical energy savings come with the use of solar energy systems. We work closely with a local solar contractor- Lenape Solar – to incorporate the generation of clean, free electricity into your home.
Whether you choose a traditional “Stick-Built” or Custom Modular, all of the above options can be integrated to make your home as green and energy efficient as possible.

If it’s home improvement or new home construction go GREEN today!! Call 1-570-975-7285 or email us NOW for more information or a private showing. Ask about upcoming open house days on these properties as well.