Modular Homes – Build your Reality, One Piece at a Time

Modular Homes – Build your Reality, One Piece at a Time
January 18, 2016 Jane Kessler

Modular homes often get a bad name. People think of mobile homes or other manufactured buildings – but they’re DSC_0126completely different! Modular construction lets the buyer choose from a long list of design options to customize their home into the home of their dreams. I spoke to Phoebe Faden, of Lewisburg, who recently had Dogtown Homes and Custom Building Systems create her family’s home, to see how the building process went for them.
Dogtown isn’t the only local builder and they know it. That’s why they offer flexibility and creativity to gain a competitive edge. Faden said, “We had heard very good things about working with [Dogtown] and decided to meet with them. From our first meeting with them, they seemed open and flexible to thinking outside of the box, which was key to our project. We came with a pretty specific idea of what we had in mind and they immediately were able to bring strong ideas to the table to make it even better.”
Choosing the builder of your home is tough. So deciding how you want it to be built and the design of it should be the easy part, right? “We had thought about doing a prefab or modular house prior to meeting with Dogtown, but all of the ones we had looked at were not as custom as we wanted,” says Faden. “It was Dogtown who thought that we would be a good fit to work with Custom Building Systems. They offered to set up a tour of the factory and a meeting with Bryan (Sprenkel). Once we saw what they could do, we were hooked.” The basic layout and smaller details areDSC_0201 the meat and potatoes of a home. So when designing your home, it’s always special to have your own flair added to the mix. “We came to Dogtown with a very good idea of what we wanted, but they were wonderful with helping it all come together. We have enjoyed the entire designing and building process. See it become a reality is incredibly exciting.” Faden exclaimed.
Many people have concerns before the building of their home – and Phoebe was no different. She stated that time, budget and schedule were three of the biggest things that stressed her out initially. But, “Dogtown, so far for the things within their control, have been very helpful with schedule and budget. They understand our priorities and help to make them a reality.”
Phoebe and her family aren’t the only ones in the area that have found a Modular home to be the choice for them. They provide efficiency and quality control during the construction process. It is built in a factory, assembly-line style, by skilled tradesmen of all the specific vocations needed. The time it takes to assemble these module units is decreased by the fact that they don’t have to wait for nice weather, since it’s built inside. Also, all workers are employed by CBS, therefore, no worrying about any contractors being a no-show on site. Once you choose modular, you open the door to all types of options for your specific needs. Not only is it a good choice for your home, but it could also include the building of duplexes, townhouses, motels, dentist offices and commercial buildings.

dogtown homes modular home in lewisburg pa
So, if you have any questions about whether or not a Modular home is for you, call Troy or Jamie at Dogtown Homes at 570-975-7285. If you want to take a glance at what Custom Building Systems has to offer, check them out at  Let them help you create your dream home and watch it become a reality!


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