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dogtown Homes modular home 1A “Modular Built“ home is a home that is built under roof inside a factory, under ideal working conditions. Our modular Supplier builds all of their homes inside their large manufacturing facilities, which protects each home from the outside elements while under construction. There are also no long delays in construction that could be associated with inclement weather.

Skilled craftspeople construct each home to exact specifications. They construct all of their homes with brand name building products that you know and trust. Both in-house personnel and an independent agency inspect all homes during and after construction to ensure that every home meets our high standards and code requirements.

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Modular Homes Factory


Dogtown Homes is an expert builder of modular homes in the central Pennsylvania area. Dogtown Homes works one on one with the customer to take you from design to finished product! Our modular home designs  are typically highly customized in their interior and exterior appearances and are among the most energy efficient and green homes on the market today. When each home is completed, it will consist of a series of modules. Trucks deliver the modules to the building site. Assembled together on the foundation, the modules form a permanent structure. Under normal circumstances, your new custom built modular home will be manufactured by Custom Building Systems LLC in Middleburg PA and delivered to the building site where Dogtown Homes will handle the acquisition of all necessary permits, site preparation, foundation, setting of the house, and the completion of all necessary work required to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

Modular homes can typically be manufactured in the Custom Building Systems factory in about 7 days!! This helps Dogtown Homes modular home 2reduce the time it takes to get into your new home!! Once a modular home is placed on its permanent foundation it should be almost impossible to distinguish it from an on-site stick built home. That is why it generally will have the same resale value of a stick built home and you can enjoy the same financial advantages of a new construction modular home!

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