Solar Power for YOUR home?

Solar Power for YOUR home?
December 15, 2015 Jane Kessler

Solar power is the fad of the hour these days.  But it’s not just the “it” thing to do — it’s the smart thing to do.  Solar panels are one way you can lessen your carbon footprint and save you a little money.  Many people are back and forth on the pros and cons of these energy efficient upgrades, but let’s discuss some reasons why you should have them installed.  I talked to a local solar expert, Jonathan Engelke, from Lenape Solar in Sunbury and got the lowdown on the facts of solar power.

home with solar power panels on its roof, dogtown contractingSo, what’s stopping you?  Don’t think it’s sunny enough?  Are they too much of a pain to be installed?  Not visually pleasing?  These are all too common of concerns heard, but not at all true!  Pennsylvania may seem gloomy and dreary at times, but the fact remains that PA is a prime location for solar!  Also, integrating a Solar system into your home is actually rather simple.  There are some steps to ensure that your home can handle the proposed system, that a good installation partner can walk you through and give you options should any obstacles present itself.  And as far as there appearance, they have options to create a sleeker look.  And they don’t need to be mounted on your roof.  They can be mounted on the ground, as well.  You can even have your system utilize both spaces.

Now let’s get down to brass tacks here.  Solar can save you money.  The actual dollar amount and energy savings can view from the roof showing solar power npanels, dogtown contractingvary greatly, but in terms of percentage, the majority of people will see a +100% savings on their electric usage.  The whole goal is to produce slightly more than is actually used over the course of the year.  And once installed, the panels are relatively maintenance free.  It’s recommended that the panels are to be cleaned once to twice a year.  And cleaning them is as simple as spraying them off with a pressure washer, like you would your car at the car wash.  And solar power isn’t something that needs a lot of professional upkeep.  When a problem does arise, you can see if through your online monitoring system and that’ll recommend when you should call… if someone hasn’t already called you!

So, be sure to contact someone at Dogtown Homes, 570-975-7285 to find out how to go about getting a Solar Panel system installed!  And once you know your house is ready, contact the folks at Lenape Solar in Sunbury!


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