10 Reasons People “In the Know”  are Building New Homes

10 Reasons People “In the Know”  are Building New Homes
April 4, 2016 Troy Nonnemacher
ten reasons to build home

1. Limited Land Options

One thing that has become apparent is that there is very limited land available in the vicinity to the downtown Lewisburg and Bucknell University areas. We are very excited to be involved as a luxury custom home builder for the Windsor at Lewisburg and Lan Avon Developments. These are two of the premier Lewisburg developments that still have prime building lots available. With an anticipated surge in the housing market and the cost to buy an existing home on the rise, a lot of people are deciding to make the decision now. “I think people are realizing that if they want to live in central Lewisburg they better do it now while there are still a few choices left.” Said Jamie Gentile – Co-Owner of Dogtown Homes.

2. Personalized floor plans done in house at Dogtown Homesten reasons to build home

With a new home by Dogtown Homes, you don’t have to deal with a cramped floor plan or a small, inefficient kitchen. If you want a double vanity in your master bathroom, you got it. Likewise, if you wish to have a large backyard patio, complete with French doors that open into your backyard, it’s no big issue to have included in a new build as opposed to retrofitting into an older existing home. Most of the existing homes in Lewisburg are not an option for the true luxury home buyer. Let our design team get you started today!!

3. New features under warranty

Many a new homeowner makes the unfortunate discovery, a few months after their purchase, that the home needs a roof or heating system replaced. These surprises can add thousands of dollars to the cost of an existing home. With a custom luxury new home, the roof, appliances and other features are all under warranty. Furthermore, because all the home components are new, it will be years if not decades before they need service or replacement.

4. Green home efficiency

Today’s new homes come with energy efficient furnaces, appliances and temperature control systems. Older homes, by contrast, often have drafty single pane windows or uninsulated walls and attic spaces. Replacing inefficient windows on your recently purchased existing home can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Re-insulating your house usually means making holes in your exterior walls or ripping away siding. Our Custom Luxury Homes beat all efficiency ratings to give you lasting value!

5. Lower maintenance costs

Just like older cars, older homes will require more upkeep and repair than their newer counterparts. Likewise, a pesky and “minor” issue, such as soffit rot, may reveal a larger and nastier surprise underneath- for example, rotted roof joists. Obviously, any structure that is 30, 40 or any number of years or decades past its original build date will require more TLC than a structure built in the last year. Unfortunately, such TLC can require excessive money and time.

6. Smart Home Technology

Programmable thermostats and security systems, laser-equipped garage doors, and anti-glare windows are just some of the useful technologies that a new home offers. Likewise, many newer homes are designed with skylights that allow natural light to illuminate traditionally dark room such as bathrooms or interior kitchens. Such features not only make for a more comfortable home, but they also improve safety and reduce heating and lighting costs. 

7. Safety

Old homes have hazards such as asbestos, lead based paint, leaking gas lines or faulty wiring. They may predate building codes that have improved and changed over the years. New Homes have been tested to meet the strictest of safety standards.

8. Lead Time

Building a new home gives buyers lead-time to sell their home and to do some planning. If you sell your house first, you might be under pressure to accept something less than you want. Buyers can lock in their new home at today’s pricing; secure a mortgage with a capped interest rate.

9. Appreciation in Value

Virtually all new homes appreciate quickly. In most cases you can have instant equity in your new home the day you move in. With buying an existing home it can take years to build up equity in your home.

10. Fun

At Dogtown Homes we feel that building your custom dream home should be fun! This exciting once in a lifetime event should be an interactive, creative and satisfying process! Our objective from the initial planning and design phase to the final finish is to ensure that the process is just that- exciting and fun! We value our relationships and maintain customer service second to none- this seems to be a forgotten concept in the era of the big box store and tract builders. We strive to be different, and offer real service and value.

If these sound like good reasons to you and you are ready to start planning your new custom home then call us now (570) 975-7285. We look forward to hearing from you!



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