Three Story Lewisburg PA New Home Build

Three Story Lewisburg PA New Home Build
November 12, 2015 Jane Kessler
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Who doesn’t want a new home? Sure, you could check the local Real Estate listings for new homes for sale, but they’re someone else’s dream home. Why not design your own home?

Dogtown Homes co-owners, Troy and Jamie, worked alongside a family and local architect to build this family’s dream home, while staying within their budget. The family’s Lewisburg home was demolished and rebuilt as a custom 3-story, single family home. The new home had some “green” details, along with some not-so-typical aspects. Dogtown had to check to make sure they were reaching all codes and requirements for Lewisburg Borough Flood zone; not to mention meeting the specifics for the Historical and Architectural Review Board of Lewisburg, since it is in the historical district.Lewisburg PA New Home, foundation

They started late in the building season with a 180-day contract. Once the frame was up, they were able to have the new home “weather sealed” in a few weeks by using a “zip wall.” Similar to house wrap, a zip wall allows contractors to work inside without fear of weather destroying any of the construction completed. The zip wall is an efficient and quality insulation product that they wanted to use due to the time of year of the build. Also, since the plan called for masonry work, it didn’t make sense to wait for it to warm up to complete the interior. Once the zip wall was in place, workers were able to continue through snow, rain and wind without delay.

Lewisburg PA New Home, interior stairs being builtAnother interesting facet was the use of a “shear wall.” A shear wall is a special Lewisburg PA New Home, ready to move in!support used in tall buildings to steady it against wind and ground tremors. Not all 3-story buildings need a “shear wall,” but this particlar home is narrow and this offers the extra stability needed.

Dogtown Homes employed area businesses to work on the site, including: MSN Building Solutions for the plumbing, Nichols Mechanical for the Heating and Air Conditioning, JAR Flooring, Precision Construction for the Framing, Hosty’s Masonry, and the excavation was done by Schlegel Excavating. Troy and Jamie are from this area,too, so it’s important to them to help the local economy as much as they can.

Affordable budget, “green” insulation, safety and stability — all important points you would want in your new home. Dogtown Homes was able to include all of these particulars, along with meeting the plans of the family and working with them every step of the way.

Flexibility, adaptability and reliability; just a few things you get for free when working with Dogtown Homes. Please contact us 570-975-7285, we are always ready to listen to your ideas and to help you bring them to life!



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