Traditional Stick Built Homes


stick built home 2, dogtown contracting, selinsgrove paA stick built home is a wooden framed house constructed on a building site, piece by piece (or stick by stick). Stick built homes do not carry with them the added cost and worry of being transported to the construction site in pieces, and can be modified to suit whatever size, shape, and cost the buyer wishes.

Many people have realized the extraordinary value in building their own home. Dogtown Homes would like you to be a part of that experience.

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A home is a huge investment and we strive to make it a rewarding one. We will guide you through the process from survey and excavation to the final walk through. We are making home building fun and affordable while making sure you, the homeowner, benefit from the equity and other financial advantages of new home construction. By keeping the build process concise we are able to keep costs down without compromising the value.

Traditional Stick Built Homes

Sometimes traditional or “stick built” construction is a more feasible method if a certain piece of real estate won’t allow for cranes, or in a tight lot in a town setting. Built from scratch, so all steps and stick built home construction, dogtown homes, selinsgrove pamaterials are visible to the new owner. Stick built uses local labor and material suppliers, so this keeps your neighbors working. When there is no room for compromise “stick built” homes allow greater flexibility in design than modular. Because modules are restricted in width (because they have to be transported on the roadway) very wide or open rooms are not always possible without support beams which may not fit into the cosmetic look of your custom design. Many times we take a hybrid approach to a project, integrating modular and “stick building”. Sometimes it is more cost effective to build some portions with modules and do custom “stick building” on site.

With our years of experience in traditional stick framing we are able to coordinate with the customer, architects, real estate developers, and design professionals to offer a completely custom built dream home. Contact us now and  let our in-house design team start designing your dream home today!!